Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

Today is election day.  The day that America finally decides who will lead this country for the next four years.  America will decide who will represent this great nation on the world stage, during times of American tragedy, and throughout national disasters that effect Americans on American soil.  America will decide who they believe will best put the interests of all Americans at the forefront of democracy and fight for equal opportunity and access for all.

For these and so many other reasons, we all must exercise our American right to vote.  We must exercise our right to have our voices heard, and to make choices about government.  As a social worker, I believe in self determination, building upon the strengths of individuals and meeting individuals where they are in the life/developmental cycle.  Exercising your right to vote speaks to one's self determination, displays personal strength and commitment and says something about where we are in our developmental cycle.

So voting today is crucial at the national, state and local levels.  The way we live our lives and how we will live our lives will be partly determined by this election.  How much money we earn to support our families will be partly determined by this election.  How the infrastructures in your communities operate will be partly determined by this election.  How the elderly are treated and provided for will be partly determined by this election.  How veterans are treated upon their return home from the freedom fight will be partly determined by this election.  How we educate our children and send our children to college will be partly determined by this election.  Access to quality medical care at an affordable, fair price will be partly determined by this election.  Fairness in the criminal justice system will be partly determined by this election.

There are so many additional reasons this election is crucial and important.  You should care about who will be making these and other decisions that will undoubtedly impact some aspect of your life either now or in the future.  You should care about what's happening in your state and in your local community.  You should care about who is asking to be elected to your child's school board.  Whether male or female, you should pay attention to what candidates are saying with respect to women's rights including income determinations and health care options.  You should care about the facts of a candidate's record.  Not what the media portrays or reports.  You should want a better America for all.  You should vote.

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